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When you and all your friends are really stressed


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you hate white people? well the rest of the world hates niggers so have fun w/ that.




……………………………………………..why does your head look like a peeled baked potato…..honestly………how is your hairline touching the stratosphere…….where in the fuck are your eyebrows…….honestly………so many questions…..out here looking like chunk from the goonies…bye…

while his whole blog is full of memes created by black people, and AAVE. it upsets them so much when black people say we hate them yet they spend every waking breath dehumanizing us.. like..  why? how? is it because your disdain for us is actually adoration and admiration and you’re mad cuz the feeling isn’t mutual? tell you about these boring ass cheese sandwich on $.89 store brand white bread ass bitches. 

Why is his face mostly chin and forehead????

I’m still laughing hours later 😂😂😂
Lookin like he a member of the oblong family.

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1997/09/01 The Angel was Born {}

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bangtan in preschool


jin: in charge of bandaids

jimin: knows every jonas brothers song by heart

jungkook: can read at first grade level and won’t let u forget it

rapmon: falls off the monkey bars constantly

jhope: talks really loud and gets put in time out

suga: nap time is all the time

taehyung: eats glue

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 yoongi, why do you have to be so cute?

yoongi, why do you have to be so cute?

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happy chuseok with bangtan♡

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he (still) thinks he’s cute

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This is tiffany not taeyeon xD LOL

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fuck all the way off


fuck all the way off