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*talking to white*
me: hey montgomery we’re friends right? can i ask you a question?
timothy: my name is actually chester but yes
me: why did you pass the chinese
exclusion act in 1882

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psa lookforwardletgo and insomsion whoever the fuck you is…

i’m not your fucking god. don’t worship me. there’s nothing to be “disappointed” in because i’m just the random bitch on tumblr makin the biscuits for all you know.

like i’m

Animal rights activists kill me. One day after coming back from lunch in Highschool some girl was shoving a PEETA book in our faces. And it had. a picture of how cows look as their getting killed (right after a lot of us had cheeseburgers) I wanted to vomit on her for that. People like that annoy me so much. And the same girl goes around saying the n word. Many of the ones I’ve encountered do care about animal rights over POC rights and it’s disgusting.
I should’ve told her about what happens with milk or anything else she drinks/eats maybe she would’ve shut up.


In many ways, animal rights activists are like mainstream feminists to be honest. Like now that i think about it I can definitely see some similar angles with how they operate (ignoring the HUMAN beings who suffer at these places in awful conditions with awful wages…holding racism, anti-blackness and other issues as a means in which to compare animal cruelty as if they stand on equal levels and are merely there to uplift their agenda…etc etc) with how mainstream White Feminists trample over Women of Color and Trans women.

so fuck the lotta them.

lmao i almosttt feel about about this milk-worshiper person on my blog tho. they wrote some more ish on here but i got bored at the first sentence and bounced.

They really do need to chill though. They wrote me like three paragraphs & im sitting here like chillll, I don’t care lol might as well stop wasting your time and CHILL.
'Oh well you can care about two things at once'
…ok. Well I don’t lol…there are enough people caring about animal rights over POC, women’s rights etc. The point is not that I’m ‘not seeing this’ it’s that I don’t care. Like I see what you’re saying, but the thing is I don’t care. There’s a difference.
And the comparison made of female rights to animal rights is just another example of why I don’t mess with that.

lmao can they go to sleep though?! Right girl! It’s just like …i dont care. Period. So shudduuuppp. and ikr! whenever someone compares animal rights to [insert anything relating to HUMAN RIGHTS and most likely women’s issues, anti blackness and racism] i’m doneeeee. Like we’re done here. goodnight, good sir.

I like how they’re trying to talk shi* about us on their blog and tag us and what not talkin’ about how this is like hating all Vietnamese people (what kind of comparison?! disgusting) and I’m sitting here like this is EXACTLY why I don’t mess with that. Because they like to sit there and compare humans rights issues to it. Instead of proving how ‘~ignorant~’ we are for not supporting animal rights it’s just proving why not messing with that is justified.
Especially if you’re going to do that, I REALLY don’t care and they should block me if it’s bothering them that much that I’m not an animal rights activists. Lol

I can’t even reply to you with having someone try to argue with me lol chillllllllllllllllllll and stfu. You’ve changed more minds about racism then they could ever on animal rights.
They don’t understand that we don’t have to be articulate or waste time writing a dissertation on something we don’t care about. That’s a waste of time. I don’t even know how this started lol.
Really though, goodnight sir. They need to take a chill pill and go to sleep.

EFFIN PRAISE. Like ya lost me at comparing animals to human beings boo boo bye. Nobody cur enough to dedicate all this energy to that conversation an’way. period. That’s what the lost soul does nahttt get. I just been done. totes block them tho idk what they saying now but all i feel is peaceee.

Oh and it started because this made them butt hurt and “disappointed” in me lmfao

Ohhhh hahaha.
All I say about stuff like that is yeah that’s sad, but me not drinking milk and not eating beef will not stop them from doing that to those cows. Me not drinking milk does not save a cow because someone else will drink the milk and eat the beef that I didn’t. And that’s the hard truth.

If they keep trying to bother me about it I will lol I’m not trying to get in arguments over animal rights.
I don’t see why people don’t just unfollow & move on sometimes. Lol.

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Hi! I'm planning on having a 90s party for my bday this year (im turning 20) and i wanted to include all my favorite things from childhood, classic disney movies, cartoons etc. any advice for what else I could add/ do?


idk man, my advice is to not have a party at all, breakup with your girlfriend and then like go to the cheesecake factory alone, and sit at a section with a really cute waitress is serving, then when she serves u tell the waitress that its your birthday, and she’ll be like “Why are you alone?” and be like “We’re all alone, bby.” and she’ll think you’re super mysterious and hella chill, and be like “I broke up with my girlfriend today, can I get a refill on this coke?” and then she’d be all “Whoa this dude is hecka next level..” then you can like go to the servers area, like where all the servers pick up the food, and find her, and she’ll be all looking at you, and walk up to her and be like “Sup..” and she’ll be like “Sup.” and like lock eyes, and connect on this hecka deep spiritual level, and she’ll just take u to the employee lounge and just start making out with you hecka hard, and then her manager will show up and be like “What are you doing?” and she won’t even care shell just be super into you and quit her job right there and then you can be like “Meet me outside..” and then she will and you can like start making out right there in front of the cheesecake factory and just fall in love, also, you should have “The Strokes - Under Control” playing on your smart phone on repeat the entire time all that is happening… thats my advice. 

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this photo is pretty 90s, thanx for sharing….


this photo is pretty 90s, thanx for sharing….

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Credit to Conventional Characters for the really fun shoot, I love these photos and I am so proud of them.

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My ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ film version Gamora costume was featured in comicsalliance's Best Cosplay Ever this week! I’m so honored to be chosen! Photo by amindonamission!


My ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ film version Gamora costume was featured in comicsalliance's Best Cosplay Ever this week! I’m so honored to be chosen! Photo by amindonamission!